I recently started jamming with a few co-workers of mine (imagine my amazment when i found out after a few months of working with them we had a guitarist, bassist, and a former pro drummer all under one roof at work) and the drummer especially wants to get some songs together and play out. Unfortunately my beloved 15 watt single channel tube combo would not have enough guts for for some of the possible upcoming gig duties so i was considering several options for some more power. The idea struck me that instead of getting a combo like a fender hot rod or AC30 i could just get a 50 watt or so head and a pair of speakers and build my own quarter stack if you will with an old car audio subwoofer box built for 2 12s. It is a trapezoidal and closed back but with a big enclosed volume of air inside due to being made for big bass woofers. Would a car sub-box work for such a thing? I can do the wiring of the box myself so it has a standard plug to go into a head output and buying a couple of vintage 30s and just a head would save me some money and give me the option to use two different speakers (maybe a greenback and a vintage 30 perhaps). Do good amp cabs match the resonance of the speakers in them in any way or will a sub box thats designed to be as acoustically neutral as possible get the job done?
the biggest tone variable is volume. you want to make sure the cab is within nominal range of your speaker's specs.
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Borrow a saw, buy a sheet or two of MDF, and build your own 2x12 or 4x12 cab.
It would look better then a car sub box and sound better (if you build it to specs) also.