sounds like a hard drive problem. usually when i freeze at 'Verifying DMI Pool Data' it usually meant that the hard drive couldn't be read by the mobo.

might want to go to the computer thread though
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I'd say your hard drive is KIA. If you have a backup drive with all your info, it should be easy to swap out your drive and re-install the OS and get your info back. Or, try booting from the install disk.
Is your HD selected to boot?

Go into your bios and see if your HD is in proper order, usually at the top or labeled 1.

If its your CD/DVD-Rom selected to boot then it would expect your Windows CD to be in your drive. But if its not automatically going to the next boot method, which isn't likely then your HD may have bad platters. Most BIOS' have a "fast boot" option, when this isn't selected it would go through alot of compatibility checks and such, it might tell you whats wrong and give you an error if it doesn't get through its compatibility check.

Boot boot boot.
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The harddrive is number 1 priority, I only have a Acer Recovery Disk, but it does not seem to be able to boot from it.