Though I have successfully used Ultimate Guitar, just recently I know longer can hear the music being played by the computer on Guitar Pro and whatever the other software is....I have checked all my connections to the computer and/or the speakers, they are all good. I can even hear the introductory music played when guitar pro opens up....anybody else had this problem and/or know how to fix it? Please help. thanks
Have you checked if your soundcard is selected in the audio/midi setup in GP? Maybe your Midi sound is muted in Controlpanel/Sound & Audio Device/Advanced -settings
Yeah. Happened to me before. Look on the lower right side of your screen and double click the volume control. Look on "SW Synth" it should be at zero. Raise it to full or whatever volume you want and it will be fixed.
thanks Flariduh...you were correct and I have now fixed it...by the way...no female band better than Bonnie Raidt