Hey so its been a year and a half, and i want to replace the tubes in my head.

I play high gain metal/hardcore, however you want to classify it. I basically just want great tone and high gain.

here is an example of the music i play... my band...

I have a fairly good budget, and Im looking to change both the 12ax7's and the 6l6gcs... or is that unnecessary? do i only need to change the pre amp tubes? or just the power amp tubes? I honestly dont know... I am a n00b... so yeah, please help!

I actually was lookin at these for the 12ax7's...


Well yeah, any advice on which tubes to get, would be greatly appreciated!


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looking for mesa tubes if possible?


I would think the 6L6's would be great for metal and such, so you could get a new set of those, maybe JJ.

I run mine with a pair of JJ KT77's and I get a smoothed out crunch that handles metal-core exceptionally well, so you could give those a look also.

edit: AHH you want preamp tubes too. I missed that.

What type of tone do you prefer? darker? brighter? etc.
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Mesa Tubes are just rebranded Groove Tubes (I think...?)...

JJ tubes are dark, but you may like them. Your best bet is to A) check the tube thread for info on the different types of tubes and their responses...B)Check Eurotubes.com's full retube kits for your amp, and C) order from tubedepot.com
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I just ordered from tubedepot for my triple xxx super 40: 2 JJ 12AX7's, 1 Jan Phillips 5751, 1 tungsol 12AX7, and 2 KT77's. I'll tell ya how it goes once I get em.

Around how much did it cost?
i went with eurotubes in mine.
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For what you play, JJ preamp tubes would be perfect. And JJ output tubes are pretty much the best sounding, most rock solid tubes out there right now.

Stick w/ 6L6s if you want to keep your overall tone, if you want more mid/high (more towards a Marshall) put in JJ KT77s, those are my favorite output tubes. Throw the switch on your amp to go from 6L6 to EL34 when you do that though (if you do that).
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IMHO Peavey Triple X's and JSX's guitar amps prefer EL34's. They just sound much more open and less compressed with the sacrifice of a little of the lowend. IMO the tonal difference EL34s make over 6l6s in these amps totally out way the down side of loseing a little lowend, also EL34s really tighten up the lowend.
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