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Anyways to my problem. I bought an Epiphone SG Special about 3 weeks. This morning I was playing it. I believe I went to change the switch from Lead to Normal and went to strum and there was no sound. I get no sound in any of the pick up positions so I don't think its a pick up problem, but then again I don't know much about guitar wiring. I have no idea what the problem could be, a similar thing happened to my Fender Strat a 2 months ago and thats still sitting there broken. I would really like to repair the both of them so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
turn up the volume!!!

probably dead input jacks
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Well, it's probably a broken solder joint. just bring it to a music shop (that knows what they're doing, this usually doesn't mean Guitar Center). The guy there can fix it in a couple minutes.
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2 really common problems with epis is the output jack having problems and the selector switch having problems.
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He wants useful advice! If the epi doesnt do anything at all its usually the output jack. If its come loose and you tightened it improperly it tends to pull 1 or both wires off. Open the back and see if any wires are hanging loose or barely holding on. Pull the 2 screws on the strat holding the jack plate on and look at the wires there to.
I opened up the the back and there are not any wires hanging loose. So what possible problems would that lead me with now.
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^^^Thats ever so helpful. Its 3 weeks old so should be covered under warranty anyways. Spend a couple of bucks and take the strat to a shop. Have you tried a different cable or maybe even a different amp.