Its been about 5 months since I started playing electric guitar.

Its time for some new strings!

Does anyone have some general advice about stringing a guitar?

Are there any online sites that could show me how to do it correctly?

I bought several packs of Ernie Ball Regular Slinky in case I mess up the first time.

MESHUGGAH in 15 days!!!
Go to your local guitar shop and when you buy them ask them to show you how to string it. I did it; felt like a noob but hell, it helped.
it was time to change your strings about 4months and 2 weeks ago lol

youtube had videos on the proper way of putting new string in ... thats how i learn :P

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It's really not as hard as it seems, just buy a couple packs just in case you snap the high e.

Edit: lol talk about not reading your post.
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i thought i noticed that too haha.

i second the youtube thing. thats how i learn most of everything. if i have trouble learning a part in a song, i go watch someone who made a cover on youtube. if im unclear on setting something up on my guitar, i check youtube to see if anyone made any tutorials.

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