dear lord deliver us
in our most colourful coffin
decorated by that long haired sleaze bag
in the top floor apartment.
if you look at the building
his window is top left.
i was planning my extravagant end and
he was drawing pictures of
beer bottles
and girls wearing really not much at all
and i wondered if that was
all people really took me for -
his long hair was falling
in front of his face
and i didn't like him that much
and i really wanted to throw him out
of that window
it's the top left one
but i didn't think i'd handle the
jail time.
not with a free spirit like mine, baby
i'm the immigrant
got the immigrant gene
and the culture shock gene
but i'm white as they come
and ignorant with it.

i had a pen with a battery
powering a light on the end
they want to know me
but when they write they speeches and
ink their condolences
i don't think they'll use one like it.

love is a dog from hell.

That's my point.

"and i didn't like him that much"

- I guess you can't get away with writing something like this without the backing of the scrobblings of someone who may of drank too much. And because you have that bone in the middle, I love it. I really do.
It's what happens. It's what people feel. Not just you, or me, I think everyone feels that, no matter who they are or what they are like.
I reckon you captured something that I just can't pin down.
So, I'm just going to stop licking ass because I don't really know where my tongue is and it has nothing constructive to say.