Is it a good deal for the money? I'm trying to get a cheaper price without getting a horrible guitar or horrible equipment.
i'll google it in a minute but as a rule of thumb, don't get a starter package.
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You'd be better off with a vypyr 15/30 and a lower end Ibanez RG.



Should be about the same price with picks and cables and **** but the amp is better.

EDIT: make sure you try out the guitar first, just go to a music shop and try the guitars in your price range and pick the one that feels best.
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It's the guitar I have..it's ok but not good by any means. The amp it came with is awful as is all the other accessories. Get something else
It sucks. It was my first guitar, and now it's a white elephant.
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It's not too bad for a first. I have an ijx30 and a shitty amp. I use pc software for an amp but the guitar itself isn't bad.
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