Large fests like this usually suck. My friend from Bulgaria wants to go and I wouldn't mind checking out Berlin and getting a chance to see DISCHARGE and COCKSPARRER... who's been to one of these huge euro punk fests and what can I expect. I assume that there's no equivalent to just crashing at whatever punk house happens to be in town.

oh yeah...

Ich kann ein bis deutschsprachen... aber mein russisch and mein italianisch sind besser!
its pretty different. its not as crowded, but it is just a mass of mayhem. as long as they are good bands you should check 'em out.
I have the DVD of Punk and Disorderly of 2005 and 2006, there played bands like Conflict, The Varukers, Antidote, Sham 69, Mark Foggo, The Boys, The Partisans, OHL and tons of other decent to awesome bands.
This time it´s worth for Discharge, but not nearly as good as it seems to me that it used to be.

But to calm you down, in the video it doesn´t look like one of these huge festivals, there are lots of people, the sound is good, but the stage isn´t that high and there are people stage diving (incomparable to these unfriendly hardcore shows, but ok)

You know Punk im Pott? Translated it means (surprise, surprise) Punk at the "Pott" (Ruhr area), but since noone here wanted it anymore it was transfered to Berlin, so this year I was unable to get there

EDIT: Oh and David.......I ´ve never been to Berlin, but they have a mass of old squats and alternative houses etc. so I think it can be worth a visit
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