well i have a prs 22 custom (yeah it has birdies lol ) it doesnt have original pickups it has seymore duncans not the dargons but new way im looking for a pedal board or prossesor which can help me gate the tones i want i want a good metal heavy tone like pantera ish and a buckethead tone (soothsayer) like this is a perfect example wait until like 1:20 in the vid when he plays http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa1hK6qMoD0 any suggestions
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it would be helpful if you could tell us whatamp are you using...
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get some Joe Barden pickups, they sound awesome in a detunes PRS
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what amp are you using?
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Well the amp is your problem, in the video he uses a JSX - which would do well for buckethead.