So this morning I decided to finally try and make a piece of death metal. I am happy to say I can now record my electric guitar, as I finally figured out how to make it sound decent.

Anyways, the piece is in my profile. I have done all the instrumentation and vocals. My vocals are uneditted for once (except for a little bit of reverb, but who doesn't do that?). When I was making this I was thinking primarily about the band Nile (who are awsome). Any comments and critques are concerned. I will comment back (if you leave decent feedback). Here are the lyrics, by the way (they're basically a joke, I can't take them serious any more):

Open the doors
What is of this water of yours?
Am I going to be forced to kill?

Now, in solitude
Thou art doomed!

I will destroy and consume you
Bring you to my temple
and eradicate you.

Take you down to Hell
And continue to poison your fake ****ing bibles...


Silence and Die!
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