with some electronic **** thrown in. its the first song on my profile. its my 'band's first real recording. though you cant really consider it a band cause we're now officially just a duo but it works.

all of it was done with reason, sonar, and my toneport. any feedback is appreciated.
That actually was not that bad. I dont really care for nu-hardcore (or whatever), but I have a soft spot for electronica mixed with it well. Sounds very The Chariot/Norma Jean inspired. If you have not heard them, check out the band We Came as Romans. You guys sound pretty much exactly like them.


-Good recording quality
-Pretty good vocals
-Nice electronic atmosphere


-Boring guitars. There are no riffs, just power chords basically; and the traditional low chord to high pitched chord, which is cool but boring without "real" riffs.

How do you get that effect on the vocals during the clean part, by the way? I have been searching for a method of doing to my vocals.
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Hey thanks a lot! Yeah I can definitely hear We Came as Romans in this specific song. the funny thing is most of our other stuff sounds a lot like Memphis May Fire but with synth and all that fun stuff.

I'll definitely consider the guitar parts. I actually hadn't thought about it. my mindset for this was really the synth taking part on what the lead guitar part generally would, to avoid it sounding too busy I suppose. But your critisism is definitely appreciated and duely noted!

the effect on the vocals would be predominately autotune, with gratuitous amounts of reverb and subtle delay. I absolutely love autotune...its not really about the pitch correction at all, but the way it makes the voice oscillate differently sounds amazing with electronics in my opinion.
I understand where you are coming from with the synth thing. I have the same thought process sometimes when I am composing. It worked effectively when the synth was present. But the first minute or so it was fairly boring because there was no synth (and hence, only really rhythm guitar).

Sorry for all the questions. What program did you use to record this? I am just trying to figure out if Audacity would have the capacity to autotune. I don't know if any of the things you listed are a recording interface. I am to cheap to get anything that costs money, but I do love electronic music and altering voices and stuff just because it is awsome.
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Haha I'm glad to help..I record everything into sonar 7 except for the synths which I make in reason and then import into sonar. that's usually the last thing I do as far as the instrumental goes. I try to get a solid guitar arrangement prepared first, with sonar's absolutely wonderful session drummer. unfortunately neither of those programs are free...I believe that reaper (freeware but similar to most sequencers) could definitely take autotune but I'm not sure about audacity...that might be a stretch but its worth a shot.

oh, and my interface is a line6 toneport. I run everything straight into the toneport, mixerless. all the guitars were recorded direct input, completely dry into sonar then used amplitube to model the tone later.

I'll be glad to answer any more questions!
At first I was like.. uhh... but then I was like .

The vocals worked well for the song, nice and screachy.

The gutiar riffs weren't very creative, but they did have a good groove to headbang too.

The guitars could be louder, more in your face, try less gains, with a massive boost on the mids, and a bit more presence. It'll make them more chunky, and really bring them to life.

The electronic part of the song, really enjoyed it. Mellow, but it fits with the song.

The effects on the vocals were pretty cool, I'll have to try something like that.

I really liked the synth over the guitars.

The drums could use a little work, maybe a few more breakdowns and some switchups ( I am VERY guilty of doing the same thing though)

Nice scream at the end, it'd be sweet to make it longer and more blood curtling.

Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=18443941#post18443941

Edit - How do you use the drummer in sonar? I could never figure out how to use it, and I don't know how to export midi to wave or mp3 either. If you dont mind me asking
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Have you been able to do autotune in Reaper? I just downloaded it seeing if I would be able too, and I am not entirely sure what to look for. Thanks for responding to these questions, some people on here are asses towards the technologically confused. haha. I am such a noob when it comes to this stuff.
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well you have to buy autotune seperately. well...'aquire' I suppose if you're into that sort of thing. you can message me for that sort of info if you'd like...

if you have autotune, create a new track in reaper, click 'FX' on the track, and it should bring up a list of plugins, 'antares autotune' among them if you have it installed correctly. you just choose that and record vox into the track, and youre good to go. as far as settings go, I always set retune to 0 and keep tracking at 25. set the key and scale according to the song and its set. add reverb/delay, all that good stuff.
Hmmmmm. ..
Not bad.
The song is lacking in the lower end of the spectrum, or maybe there is just a gap in somwhere, i can't tell. At somepoint in the sonic space something is missing and it sounds empty.
Tone is great on all parts. You fill up both ears, thats to say left to right is mixed well.
The synths were killer. I thoroughly enjoyed them.
Vocals are just distorted enough to be metal and whatnot but I can still understand you for the most part I mean, they still sound like words at least, and that makes me happy YAY!

Awsome piece. The synth part in the middle is what got me, because with out it, it would have been just another boring metal track with nothing new in it. (not to say it wasn't good, but honestly there wasnt much there riff wise and all that jazz)