Poll: Which is the overall better guitar?
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Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008
5 28%
Gibson Les Paul Standard (Older Model)
12 67%
Voters: 18.
Which do you think is the overall better guitar, the Gibson les paul standard 2008 model
or the older lp standard?

consider the following:

-price/quality ratio





and anything else.

Personally i like the older one better( I dont like the PLEK system Gibson is using) so i was wondering. Does Gibson still manufacture the old one under a different name?
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I guess it depends on the age and condition of the old LP standard. If its in good condition from a good year and is cheaper than the new one, then go for it. If not, I'd guess go for the new one. Either way, great guitar!
the les paul traditional is the old one with a new name
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go with the classic if you can find one, they just stopped production a little while ago though. i have an 07' classic, f'n great guitar. only one flaw in the finish, there's a little dip in the body binding on the treble horn, but it's like, probably 1 cm deep. other than that, it's great, plus, the neck profile (60's slim taper) is a little more comfortable (imo, at least) than that of the neck on a standard. plus,, if you get an 07' or earlier, it's plek'd free.
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This is a worthless thread. "Old" could mean anything from 1953 to 2007, which covers a lot of changes. The LP traditional is the same as the 2007 standards but with no weight relief.

And I don't understand how you don't like the PLEK system. It's just a more accurate way of levelling frets.