Well Activision just announced the game DJ Hero.

I'm really disappointed in them. How far will they milk this franchise of gaming ?

Your thoughts ?

Source : http://www.gamespot.com/news/6203959.html?tag=latestheadlines;title;2
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Yeah that sounds very very very very dumb.
Here's what the critics are saying about Hanzi_G:

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To be clear, DJ Hero isn't an officially announced game.

Thats all I have to say
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Damn, why couldnt they of made flute hero first
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I believe on SNL something was said along the lines of "DJ Hero: For kids who are too lazy to learn fake guitar"
Next they'll make concessions sand hero
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Sweet. One step closer to Heroin Hero.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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I even passed on Guitar Hero. The concept of playing songs on a fake guitar just seems too pointless. Give me the real thing. I have to laugh when I see grown adults wearing Guitar Hero clothing. I guess it's kind of like us wearing a Gibson hat, PRS jacket, or a Taylor shirt, only it's 100x more lame.
why all the hate??? techno kids need video games too
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how can they rip off old japanese games so much, guitar hero=guitar freaks

this is just beatmania
Seriously but I want to play piano man and Leave on...When will they make keyboard hero!
kazoo hero anyone?
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this is kinda stupid, especially since you can buy real DJ software for what this is going to cost, and it's not that hard to use. I mean like with guitar hero I can understand, but this is a little much.
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