Ok I finally settled on the Vypyr... I had everything layed out, I just called Guitar Center, and they set aside a Vypyr 75 for me to pick up in an hour. Then my friend hits me up saying he got a Marshall Cab for 250 bucks for me... What the **** do I do now!!! A Marshall cab, and only 250 bucks? Which one now guys?!
What amp do you have right now?

I don't see why you would want a cab if you don't have an amp head. Besides, $10 says it's an MG cab.
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I am trying to find the model right now, btw, right now I have an Orange 15. I can get amp head when I go today. At that price I Wouk say it is the MG. If it is I'm goin with the Vypyr.
which orange 15 do you have? tiny terror or something else? a head or a combo?
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Its a piece of **** practice amp that I got for 80 bucks man. It wasn't bad when I got it, but I blew it to hell on double overdrive trying to jam with a drummer. What amp I had before is unimportant, which do I get NAO
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Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What head are you going to get if you buy the cab?

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Ugh, apparently the Marshall Cab is no longer an option. I am going to Guitar Center soon. If anyone can recommend anything better than the Vypyr 75 in the 300 dollar limit, please do so now.
what genres you playing?

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Head and Cab for $130? You don't need a head and cabinet, you need a psychological examination.


You have made no less than 5 threads about amps, and everytime i suggest this, and it will blow away the vypyr for your genres. Just buy it, its cheaper as well...
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Well dude I've said multiple times I can't buy stuff over the Internet... If they do have that used at the GC I'm going to I will get it though. I have made 3 threads man
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alright fine- get the vypyr i guess
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If you go for the Vypyr, ask them to open it and verify the software version on it, if it's not 1.5.5 you're likely gonna have to cough up an extra $30-$40 for a midi/USB cable so you can update it. Regardless of the version, ask them to boot it up a dozen times or so to be safe.

And if you can, above anything else, buy the extended warranty.
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Okay then, thanks for the help. Last time to make any other suggestions. I am leaving in a couple minutes. Like if there are any tube or SS amps, all I need is something for punk rock, can play a gig of atleast 100 people, and has good sound quality. SOUND QUALITY IS MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!