well I officially 2 guitars with broken nuts >.> a ibanez Mikro and a Gibson/Baldwin epoch.

I can probably get a new nut/fix my Ibanez. but I can not find a nut to replace my Epoch.

the issue with both is the 6th string broke it right off.

I have no Idea how to fix this and need help basically.
Have you messed with the truss rod at all it might be too loose?
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There's literally no way a string on an Ibanez will be able to snap a nut because the string pulls straight over the nut... Unless you wind it the wrong way around the peg (which people do all the time for some reason that I can't grasp)
No I've been winding it the right way. I just was playing and it broke a chunk off of it. I have the piece but have nothing to use to keep it there.
If I were you I would consider upgrading the material you use for your nut... saying that for it to happen on TWO of your guitars suggests a technique rethink
lol I just play really hard. But I only buy cheap guitars so it's not really my technique.