I have been in a band for a little bit that has just started to finally move a little, not as in get popular I meant practice a little for once... btw I live in Hong Kong and it is extremely possible for me to go back to Australia by June or July I will find this out in march so I don't want to practice and get stuff down for nothing especially when I believe I have the talent and am capable to write a solo EP and efficiently preform this.

if I go more towards the solo side of things then no matter what country I go to I will still have all the practice and time put into perfecting my music, but if I stay in the band and I move then I lost a lot of time just playing rhythm guitar were I could of been a lot more broad. I do clearly know that if I do stay in the band I will learn a lot no matter what.

I play a surreal style rhythm guitar, that I created based of guitarists like noodles tom Morrelo and then trowing a bit of classical Spanish music into the mix for the hell of it,

My playing does not always fit the profile above so my songs are normally folk, punk, blues, alternative type sound.

I am a very capable singer although I desperately need singing classes so I can hit correct notes ALL the time not just some times, and use my diaphragm more efficiently.

so what do you guys think? go for the whole solo project thing or band? or both
i think ur a conceded 08'er who thinks hes better then a band and probably isnt.
and y cant u just do both?
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Definately carry on with the band, youll learn things as you said. especially stay if your having fun with the band. But also do some solop stuff on your own, cos you can always practise that.
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crit4crit on 'acoustic 1 (with piano)' here

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i think ur a conceded 08'er who thinks hes better then a band and probably isnt.
and y cant u just do both?

Conceited, dear. The word is conceited. What is the World coming to when we can't even insult each other properly.
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i think ur a conceded 08'er who thinks hes better then a band and probably isnt.
and y cant u just do both?

I think perhaps you need to endeavour to learn to spell.
And also not to judge peoples knowledge and ability on the date that they joined the website. That has nothing to do with it and is almost as bad as people starting a post by saying ''Im only 13 and...''. Ok?? Good.

Now, my suggestion is that (provided you cant do both) you should go for the Solo thing. That is something that is possible for you to do wherever you are. Plus, you sound like you're gonna enjoy it and you certianly suggest you can pull it off. So go for it.

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you certianly suggest you can pull it off. So go for it.


I belive I can pull it off, but as I said I do need singing lessons to get me to that performable level, and my guitar skill are on a better level so its all good, as every one knows you can play two or three different chords and sing a little and you can pull of a good show, I know im more capable than just playing two or three chords so I should be fine.
If you enjoy being in the band, then stick with the band while persuing a solo career on the side for now, but be honest with the rest of the band, tell 'em you might have to leave at some point, even though you don't want to, but until that time you'll give it 100%.

Of course, in that situation, if the band finds someone to replace you with in the meantime, it's only polite to stand down and let them get on with it rather that having them wonder if you're staying or leaving.

If you move, I suggest trying to get another band together or joining another band, while still working on that solo career. Infact, if you get the right guys, you could even hire them to be your backing band (it makes sense, you'll already know them as mates and you'll also be used to playing with them) if you ever wish to perform your solo stuff because thats waaaaay cooler than playing to a backing tape.
if it were me, id stay with the band as long as possible, because you could start your solo thing anytime you want. If you feel youre wasting time with this band then what are you doing there in the first place, same with if youre not having fun in the band

I love my band, im in HK on DB aswell year 13 so im off in 2 months as are the rest of the guys, but we all still practice and have a load of fun since we can do so much with the time rather than mope about it being over soon, for example were playing at our school fair (WIS) this saturday and then again next wednesday andwere allways learning new stuff to play and its really fun doing so
you'll learn so many things with a band that you couldn't possibly learn as a solo artist. your style and skill evolves when you work with a group. and it's always for the better. and almost always, even as a solo artist, you have to work with people. i mean, unless you're a one man band. look at Malmsteen, Vai, and Satriani. they're successful solo artists but they work with many different people. and these people help them get the best sounds out. you need to have good cooperation skills and other band skills regardless of your situation.

also with what slacker said, give this band (and any others) 100%. you won't regret it.

but the main thing is that you have a great time with the band. if there's no fun, it's not music.
I can't seem to find a reason in your post as to why you can't do both.
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alright both its is thanks guys, been a big help! oh and 07bevanm, what band are you in? I dont know many in WIS only Icuras flight plan (Seb Stich, Akira, Mark) and Akira and Mark are in SIS any way...