Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me out... I have a Fender American Special Strat, real nice, and recently I've been trying different types of music, along with different tunings. However, I've been wanting to play music such as System of a Down, but a friend told me that drop c on a strat would warp the neck and cause all kinds of problems. Is it ok to play in drop c or is he right?
Nice guitar, but it's not really suiting for that kind of music as I assume it only has single coils. What your friend probably thinks is that tuning down to drop C will release too much tension, and that could mess up your intonation. If you plan on playing a lot of drop C, get a heavier string gauge.
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i've had my strat in drop c (with .11's) for like 2 years now with no warping so your friend is a noob. as long as it's properly set up you'll have no issues.
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I read this somewhere but if you have a bolt-on neck then it will not cause warping. A built in neck (forget what thats called) could have warping if you take off all the strings and let it sit there.

You should be fine.
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