I was wondering if you guys could help me out. I started writing this song, and it has some 5/4 and 7/4 bars, along with 4/4. I don't need help with the 4/4 obviously, but, I'd like some advice on how to write drums for 5/4 and 7/4, and other odd time signatures.

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Well, as a drummer, whenever I am working with odd time signatures I either

1 - Rip off Tool (Vicarious has a really cool 5/4 drum beat, and Ticks and Leeches has some interesting 7/4 grooves if I remember right)

2 - Take two grooves in time signatures that add up to the odd time and just put them together (like 3/4 + 4/4 = 7/4). The result isn't always amazing but sometimes it comes out sounding pretty cool.
In 5/4 I like to switch between 2/4 + 3/4 and 3/4 + 2/4 depending on the mood I want.
If you accent the 1st and 3rd beats, I think it gives you a more relaxed feel, while accenting the 1st and 4th beats gives a more frenetic/tense feel.
Something that'd be... interesting would be using fivelets on each beat of a 5/4 measure, and playing with both the accents of the fivelets and the measure as whole.
Try examining the drum beats in songs with irregular time signatures like you describe. Rush or Dream Theater will provide some good examples. I think the first thing you would want to do is identify where you want the snare(s) to be in each measure. Obviously it won't be an even distribution, which is what makes it so hard. Experiment. After that, you need to complete the beat with bass pedal. That shouldn't be hard at all if you've got the snare in a good place. Finally, add some cymbal action and you're done. Remember that there's nothing wrong with a strange drum beat.
Go to a drumsite


But seriously, I myself go to drumsites and check out drum lessons on odd time signatures everywhere.

This not only helps with writing drum parts, but also helps understanding writing riffs with how accents are placed.

Obviously the best place is go to a drum site like UG. They can give you info on drums as much as UG gives you on guitar.

Also you could ask around on drum forums.

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I take the easy way and add a little snare roll to the last beat in 5/4 or add a ride bell. Just little things make it stand out. Accent the first and third beat on the snare and have the high-hat/cymbal just beating every beat. Bass drum is easy, just have it follow the guitar. The guitar should accent some notes, so just accent those with the bass. Or just split it into a 2/4 and 3/4

For 7/4 just do the same but accent the 3rd and 6th beats with the snare. Or you could just break it down into a measure of 3/4 and 4/4. It's not too hard. The hardest part is staying in that time signature for me.