This is my first post here so be gentle.

I've been learning to play guitar on my own, and progressed to a point where I thought lessons would be a good idea. The instructer tells me I should be using one fiinger per fret so that when I play a note two frets over from the first, I should be using my ring finger on that third fret.

I find if very uncomfortable -particularly if I'm playing a higer pitch string on the third fret (ie playing 3rd fret A string and 5th fret D string). For me, stretching my ring finger that far is about as easy as wiggling my ears. In these cases, it's much more comfortable for me to use my pinky.

However, the instructor insists it's good technique stick to using ring finger , and one reason I'm paying for lessons it to learn good technique. My question of you is whether it really matters that much and is this something hand will get used to? Or, are there times when technique ought to be compromised?
It something that really only matters depend on what notes are coming up and just passed, there is no reason to make guitar harder than it needs to be, although practicing like that could help you out a bit.
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The one-finger-pre-fret practice is extremely important, and if worked upon, it will do a ****load to make you a better player. Just practice it, and it will get easier and easier.
^ I don't totally disagree with you. I don't believe that everyone has to play everything exactly the same, and yeah, if someone had very small or very big hands they might have to vary how they do things.
The one beef I have about the "do what feels comfortable" thing is this - for where are person is now in their guitar playing, a comfortable but not tecnically correct technique might be sufficient for what they want to/are able to play. But a couple of years down the road, when they are a lot better, and wanting to play more advanced stuff, the bad technique comes back to haunt them.

To the TS - it sounds like your don't have the flexibility yet. Start in a position on the fretboard where there is less stretching involved, like the 7th position. When you are comfortable with one finger per fret there, start gradually working down to the lower frets, one fret at a time.
Quote by Upland
My question of you is whether it really matters that much and is this something hand will get used to? Or, are there times when technique ought to be compromised?

The answer to both questions is yes and yes.
At this point it's probably most important to stick with 1 finger = 1 fret. You want to establish control of all your fingers under simple conditions.

When you get further along, there are too many exceptions and conditions to be tied to a rule like that. However, those conditions usually require more control of any finger and larger reaches with any finger. So, take baby steps and stick with the rule for now.
Thanks everyone.

like I mentioned in the thread starter, I'm getting instruction to help me improve my technique and get better so I hesitate to reject the teacher's advice. Sounds like most of you would advise the same.

It slows me down, but I'll have to work on flexibility. Maybe get good at Mr Spock's "peace be with you" salute.