Heyy guys, i just got some new shizz and wondered what you guys though

Digitech Bad Monkey OD- £32.50
EHX Nano Clone- £25
MXR 10 Band EQ- £59

Ebay Ftw!
pretty good shizz right there, I'm gassing for an mxr 10 band eq right now...but get some pics/clips please
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+1 ^ the nano clone is good, i would of gone for a small clone though

nice buys though
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Yeahh the nano appealed to me firstly cause it was soo cheap and cause its simple and i just want to add in a some very little subtle chorus although i might use it for like the pitch bending under water effect when i write some real trippy stuff :P
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nice stuff (although i'm not a fan of the nano clone, the regular small clone pwns it )

gratz though

Sorry no can do cause i have nothing to record with atm and they haven't actually come yet i just finished ordering them but i might get pics up in the next few days like on my profile or something.
Bad Monkey is better than most people think.

Nano Clone does the job.

MXR 10 really does a lot of work for tone.

Good job.

HOWEVER - you better have a valve amp or i will shake my head and tut loudly.