OK, so I have a lovely DKMG Dinky and Mesa Mark IV sitting in my room, and I love the tone...until I try and play Yellow Ledbetter.

So I have an old Squier strat laying around, like everyone. I have the 20th anniversery Affinity one, I was told that this particular strat has an alder body, I want to make sure this is true first before I drop the cash on making this thing nice.

Anyway, so I need a nice strat that I can play with but dont think buying a new guitar will fly too well with the parents(although all of a sudden a MIM strat is starting to seem a bit nicer now). IDK there is just something that seems a bit less "spendy" by upping a guitar rather than getting a whole new one.

So I come to you guys for advice, Pick Ups I really have no idea what I want, I was thinking maybe Lace ones but I figure that will come out to about 200 so Im sure there are other options out there. I want a very nice glassy clean, a beautiful yellow ledbetter overdrive, and a nice crunch as well.

Im thinking Schaller Locking Tuners,

Although Ive seen this guitarfetish site and they have amazing deals although Im sure some of the quality is subpar?

I want a nice bridge, like the American Standard one
These seem too cheap to be true.

Then I was just thinking a standard graphite nut, anything special I should look for?

Also, should I spend the money to get all new electronics, is it really worth it?

Sorry this is so long guys, any help and guidance Id appreciate.

OK just a list of absolutely everything:
General hardware stuff:


Kinda lost here, I guess this one


As you can see Im going for a black/gold theme
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i am not really into modding squiers. I have never played a squire that feels good. IMO get a good MIM strat and save up for the mods you want. you can spend more to make your guitar sound better but you can't make a guitar feel better.
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i am not really into modding squiers. I have never played a squire that feels good. IMO get a good MIM strat and save up for the mods you want. you can spend more to make your guitar sound better but you can't make a guitar feel better.

This is a good point and something Im a little worried about. I absolutely hate the action on this damn strat, but I figured that a nice set up after putting some new hardware on there would make it better. Maybe next time Im around ill pick up a MIM and see if I like it.

Its just like it seems I can justify modding this strat more than I can justify buying a whole new guitar.
Can I save you $200?

Don't get your stuff from guitarfetish.

I know it's cheap, but honestly, that stuff is disposable. Play it a couple times and throw it out, that's all it's good for.

I have tuners from GFS that don't work, a floyd rose bridge whose knife edges are dull after three or four uses (seriously) and it's not black anymore, it's brass, after again three or four uses...

All of the screws they sent me got torn to pieces because they are cheap as ****.

Please don't get anything from them, you will regret it.
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if there set up and have new pickups squires make decent enough guitars

id go for the schaller tuners

and as your doing it i figure you might as well upgrade the electronics too as your re wiring the whole thing no point having rubbish pots with nice new pickups
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Here's what I think - for what it's worth!

A Squier with an Alder body is not too bad a place to start - you say you hate the action, that's probably nothing a good setup wouldn't fix.

The thing to know with Squiers are:

Tuners - not the worst budget brand tuners, but not the best - I've put Sperzels on mine, and I love them.

Bridge - Tuning stability is non-existant. I've fitted a Wilkinson bridge to my strat, and it stays perfectly in tune - even if I pull up all the way, and then push down all the way - much more than would ever happen in normal play (well for me at least).

Necks - I loved the neck on my Squier - it was ALMOST as nice as the neck on my MIA Telecaster but not quite as nice a finish on the back. I've replaced it now, because I wanted a V profile and a maple fret board.

Wiring - sucks - same as any budget brand guitar I've come across

Pickups - my dog used to look at the amp funny with the Squier pickups in the guitar, he doesn't do that now I've changed them. What to change them too is not something I'm going to get into, as it's a very subjective thing.

My strat now plays better than any other strat I've ever picked up - but I've spent not far off what an MIA strat would have cost if you include the purchase price of the Squier to start with - I didn't plan to do this, I just kind of got the bug after replacing the pickups. If I'd known this was going to happen I'd have just bought an MIA! The plus side is that I've got my perfect strat, with everything exactly as I want it.
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Hmm a success story, great.

Ok so Ill be wary of guitarfetish, Ill just find some other place more reputable for the hardware and stuff. Once I total it up Ill see if its really worth it to drop the coin on.

What Im sorta thinking although the white pickups throw me off a little
try allparts maybe?

LP addict can get you a discount
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I recently modded my Squier 20th Anniversary Strat, now I love the thing to death. Plays very nice and sounds like a beast. It is definatly worth it.
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