Ok I am starting this thread as I am getting everything together to build my own 4x12 slant. I am also posting this as I want to get everyone's input on the parts that are used. My brother-in-laws father-in-law is a professional cabinet maker and he will be helping me out with this cab. It will be great as I will access to him and his work shop.

So a little history of what I am looking for....I am looking to build this 4x12 to handle a good range of tones/sounds(mostly Metallica, Stone Sour, Slip Knot and Bullet for my Valentine) so first up is wood selection. Here is what I am looking at so far and this is for the entire cab.

The Plans for the cab come from a Marshall 1960 Slant. Here is a link if you want the plans. Marshall PDF If you can help I am really looking for plans for a Orange 4x12 slant.

Wood Selection
13 ply Baltic Birch
Solid Popular
Hybrid this is a popular core with a outer Birch ply (Steve suggested to use this)

16 Ohm Speaker selection
(Now I want to combo speakers in the 4x12 either in a cross pattern or top and bottom) Here are the choices. (right now leaning towards Vintage 30's & G12T @ 16 Ohms)
2-Vintage 30's
2-Texas Heats
2-Swap Thing


Let me know your thoughts......As soon as the build starts I will update w/ good pics of the build... Also looking for a place to get good quality parts, Cab corners, handles, jacks and Tolex

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vintage 30s.

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Wood doesn't matter as much as you think it does. Any birch plywood should do, really.
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birch plywood is common among most cabs on the market. i've also seen some krank cabs are made of pine.

check out mojo musicial supply for parts/tolex,etc..
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