I made a recording. I used three chords the D, Dsus4, and Dsus2.
First off I'm an amateur.
Secondly, My recording "gig" consists of a laptop with a mic, and Audacity 1.3 Beta, So yeah its not great.

I just tried changing the strumming patter a couple of times.

Anyways feel free to listen to it :- http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/footytz/music/all/play533880

Your comments, compliments etc. will be appreciated.
Thank You
Quote by Drodo141
Not bad,

I would invest in a better mic perhaps

On a criticism point of view,

There was a very repetitive note that just made the song stay in one spot.

It was a little bit too short for my taste.

If you wanna get even more groovy, try overlapping guitar tracks, harmonizing, rhythm, all that fun stuff.



Thank you. I'll try doing that.
Downloading your recording right now.