I'm stuck between these two pedals. It'll be running through a Blackheart Little Giant stack, NOT the amp in my sig. Here's what i play -

  • AC/DC
  • Boston
  • Avenged Sevenfold
  • Metallica
  • Every time I Die

I'm sure you get the type of distortion I like. For Metallica, think MoP.. the distortion on that song isn't as high end or distorted as some of their other stuff.

EDIT: I also LOVE the distortion in Welcome to the jungle.
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Crunch Box.

I like the OCD more, but for your needs, you need the higher gain of the Crunch Box.

(I own both of them by the way.)

EDIT: I forgot to mention, you could use the OCD for your medium-gain things, and then try boosting the LG for Metallica? I don't know if your amp has enough gain for that though, but the OCD does have about 30db of clean-ish boost.
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Agreed with all of the above posters that the Crunch Box is likely better. The OCD would have to be cranked to get the amount of gain you want, and the Crunch Box pretty much sounds like a Marshall in a box. They're both fantastic pedals though; you should try them both out if at all possible.