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Something that I was just wondering about:
How much would you care if someone that you loved had different political views than you? Would you still love, date, and possibly even marry him/her? I think I would.

NOTE: When I say political, I don't just mean politics. I just used it because it's an easy way to describe all the views someone could have. This includes views that are religious, social, etc.

EDIT: Everybody so far has understood that I implied this, but I feel like I should still say it. I mean views that are totally opposite yours. Like, say you're an atheist, socialist, and socially liberal (don't know a word for that one, and, yes, that's me) and the other person is a conservative fundamentalist of any religion.
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Well the love of my life supports Liverpool FC, and if I can look past that I can look past anything.

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at first i would say, ya sure.

but then i thought about it a bit, and it depends
It's be hard for me because a lot of political views are based off of life views. Depends on why they believe the things they believe and how open-minded they are.
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Yes, everyone's entitled to their own opinions. Plus I'd be bored out of my mind if I was with someone with my exact interests and political ideals.
If you love em, nothing else matters. I would hope.
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I would because I know everyone has different views. As long as she wouldnt be insulting my views I dont care
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I don't believe love exists, so I say no.
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It can be hard. One of my ex's was a hardcore right wing Republican AND a Christian... We were fine, until those subjects were brought up. That's not the reason we broke up, but it definitely didn't keep us together.
I find it makes for interesting conversation pieces.
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I don't care what her views are because at the end of the day shes gonna get raped....

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I don't mean to sound like a prick, but I could never possibly marry someone who wasn't a Christian. As for politics, it would depend. Like if they were a PETAfag, I probably wouldn't be able to get along with them, because I hunt.
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I don't care what her views are because at the end of the day shes gonna get raped....

With a shovel.

And making sandwiches during the day? What's wrong with the Pit? Why am I actually asking?
Josh Homme writes the greatest lyrics EVAR:
"I wish we could get away
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Yeah. As long as they aren't like fanatics, then it won't matter.
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As long as they don't try and force their views on me it's fine, but I'm guessing that's not quite the point of the thread.

Besides, Catholic Conservatives don't put out.
It depends how big a part of them it is. If it is a big part of them, there's a big chance that it could interfere and cause tension, so it would be a hard decision
I think that if someone believes in something strongly you should respect it, which is a very important part of love.
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Well, I really don't care about politics and as long as the person I'm with doesn't talk my ear off about it, I'm sure I could love him.
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Probably not.

My political views are a big part of who I am, and common ground is an important part of any relationship (especially when it comes to political and religious views, IMO).
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It depends on what sort of degree we are talking, I couldn't date a neo-nazi or anything like that, but I could probably date a moderate conservative.
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IF I loved them truly, then yes I could definitely see past it.

But most of the time it doesn't work out because people are so different. Then again opposites attract. So I just voted yes, but it's really a crapshoot IRL because of chance and free will and all of that nonsense.
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This thread reminds me of the songs 'I Wish I had a Mohawk' and 'Thank God I'm an Atheist' by Al Baker, the former referring to himself falling for a conservative (he's an anarchist), the latter referring to a relationship with a Christian (he's an atheist).
yes, personality is what matters (and great tits of course) and neither are at all anything to do with political/social/religious/moral views.
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Any feedback appreciated

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yes becuse i have no political views and im understanding of others religions. if she was conserving herself i wouldn't care as long as she is happy. if you both realyl love eachoter you should work things out and as long as your both hapy it doesnt matter
That would make a long term relationship difficult, irritating at least
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It depend on HOW different. I mean, i'm an atheist but I could definately date/marry a religious person as long they weren't an extreme religious nut job. I'd want to be allowed to bring my potential children up having an atheist opinion too. As for politics, thats not so much an issue I don't think as long as we don't argue about every decision ever made by a government.
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If they were the complete opposite I'd disagree with them too much, I imagine;
but then I don't have any particularly strong political views, so I think I may have ticked the wrong option...
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I wouldn't feel attracted to a person who had political/social opinions which greatly contrasted my own, to be frank.

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