As I mentioned on a few other threads, I recently got an Ibanez GSR200 from a mate for £30.

It looked to be in pristine condistion, hardly played, and the original strings on it, not a ding in sight.

Now I've spent the last week thinking I had ripped the guy off (He knows nothing about the instrument, he has more money than sense) but when I was playing it in practise today It started doing something very weird.

After every note I popped it would be fine for about half a second and then seemingly EQ itself differently to get a flatter tone. And it's not a slow fade, it's like someone is flipping a switch.
And whats worse, when I pop really hard it does this about 8 times. Giving quite a nice (if unwanted)tremolo effect.

Now at first I thought my pedal was making some sort of unwanted delay, so I plugged right into the amp, still happened.
Active/passive... still happened.
Tried it with another amp, still happened.

I'm really stumped, the only thing that is in my head is that it's some sort of active EQ, but with latency.

Any ideas folks?
Mabey try wiggling the knobs around a bit. If that dosent work I suggest taking it to a shop and see what they have to say about it.
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Does it have active pickups? if so try changing the battery. and also if so you should unplug it when youre not using it because the battery slowly drains the whole time the guitar is plugged in not just when playing. i doubt it would be wiring in the guitar itself if its doing the thing consistantly and exactly the same pulse width of the tremolo thing you describe but ive seen crap electronics do weirder things in my life.
dodgy connection?
s'all i can think of...
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Does anyone know why the hell it would be the dieing battery doing it?

It's certainly a possibility, because I'm guessing that battery has never been changed since the dude bought it.

I should mention that apart from this weird crap going on that it's a beautiful sounding bass.
Is it kind of like a quick 'boing' sound after the pop or slap?

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So the bass is active then, well change thwe battery than and see what happens.
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if its active eq, yer batterries are dying. this happened to a rhythm guitarist in a band i was in, nobody knew what the fck was going on, so he took it in, and the guy says, new batteries.
that cleared it up
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Is it kind of like a quick 'boing' sound after the pop or slap?

No, like I said, it's like someone is flipping on an EQ pedal or something.

It's not hitting off the pick-up if that's what you were thinking.
I even lowered the pick-ups to see what would happen and it's still continuing.

I'll see if I can get a recording for you guys.

And I'll change the battery tomorrow and see what happens.
The preamp in my Ibanez got fried or something. I took it in to guitar-center and as soon as they figured out it wasn't the input jack, or the battery, they knew the preamp that controls the EQ was done with. So he by-passed it, and it was perfectly fine.
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pre amp is fried, my schecter had the same problem.
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It sounds like part of the op-amp circuit is dead...they do weird stuff like that when they're wired wrong. Maybe a problem in the feedback loop, if it uses one. I'd just bypass it.
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Replace the battery. If that doesn't work check the wiring or take it to a professional to.
It may well be the battery. My Ibanez does really old things tonally when the battery is on its last hours. The tone loses alot of its depth and then it gradually distorts and then eventually dies.
All you have to do is unplug it when you're not using it...the battery will last for six months at least. I've got a friend with a GSR200 that's had the same battery for two years.
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