Okay so I bought a guitar off my friend over the summer, I never really play it it's just for if I need a strat style guitar (singlecoils) and it's time for me to change the strings, he gave it to me stringless so I put some 10s on it and the neck started bending, so i dropped the strings down a few tunings so that the neck wouldn't snap. So I was wondering if anyone knew how to check what guage strings are on a guitar.

Also: It's time for me to restring both my acoustics too so an answer would be helpful on multiple occasions.
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You have to buy a thing, it starts with a "T" I cant remeber what it's called. If i can remember I would tell you... But i Don't I had this same problem where i ouldnt tell gauge so i just put on heavier strings.
^not a tuner right?
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wait, you said you put on some 10s and then dropped the tuning. wouldn't they still be 10s?
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^not a tuner right?

certainly not a tuner
a tuner is for tuning your strings to the desired tuning.

you might need a tool like this

but you can take your guitar to the shop and maybe they will know.
or just compare, take some pics off google with 0.08 mm, 0.09 or 0.10, cuase i think thats the normal size of a new guitar
I was wandering that myself, as I've possibly got a 5 string bass on the way and I don't know the exact gauge of the strings... doesn't matter much, 'cus we're probably gonna put some 50-135's on it when/if it comes.
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I find a micrometer a bit hard for measuring wire, a Vernier Callipers is much easier, and you may be able to find one with an electronic readout pretty easily.
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Please don't play with anything lighter than 10's. If they warp your neck then you need a new guitar.
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adjust your truss rod, your neck is not gonna snap.
especially with 10s.

Possibly with 13s or 14s (special order custom strings)
but not with 10s.
Take it to a shop = best route.

That thing is called a micrometer screw gauge. We use it in Physics :P: . It might be hard to use because you have to check for zero errors and all that jazz.