Does anyone know of a company that makes does guitar stands that holds your guitar at playing level.

I'd like one to hold my acoustic so i can play it while having my electric on isteead of switching them.

I'm having a hard time explaning it, but if you know what i mean please reply
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Make one.
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You need to explain it better, seriously.
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Yes, they are made - I've seen them used before several times. I don't know where to go about getting one, though.
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yeah zak kim uses one on youtube and yngwie malmsteen uses one on the g3 live in denver dvd,
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There was a thread on this a couple months ago. I'll see if I can find the link.
EDIT: Here ya go. http://www.birdlandmusic.net/product.php?productid=4551
I used my friend Google; he's extremely reliable, but not many people use him.
It's pretty expensive though; you'd be better off making it yourself.
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they use it in the chiron video from All That Remains. i was looking for one a while ago
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