I mean, even the combos?

I am mainly referring to the combo line, the Roadster combos, cuz i may get a combo than just some massive unnecessary stack.

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If your question is "Are Roadster combos worse than Roadster heads?"

No, they're the same amp.

Most Mesas are good, but not all of them are great.
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Most of them are very good, but TBH, I wasn't a fan of the Maverick model.
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strangely enough dark, the maverick is one of my faves from mesa, maybe it was just a really special one haha.
but they are all high quality professional level amps, but there not for everyone.
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Depends on what you consider good. I myself dislike the Recto's.
And the head vs combo debate all depends what what kind of cab you pair the head with. If you have a Roadster head and the matching 4x12, then no, they'll sound different.
They are "good" amps, but still some people like them and some people don't.

Personal preference.
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I'd never get a roadster combo, they weigh almost 100 pounds. Get a head and cab.
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Depends on preferences, except for the recto solo heads imo. Those things sound like ass.
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Depends on preferences, except for the recto solo heads imo. Those things sound like ass.

+1, people tell me "you have to spend time tweaking the knobs!" and after trying everything, i still just cant manage to get a somewhat tight, chunky sound, even with a tubescreamer pushing the amp

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Head and Cab for $130? You don't need a head and cabinet, you need a psychological examination.
^ haha yes and no. these are great heads with a **** ton of outboard gear. but like you said, not so tight by themselves
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Mesa's are generally dark and ballsy amps...all of the ones i've ever played through have been fantastic, but i'd suggest going out and playing one before shelling out thousands of dollars on an amp.
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