In last october, I came visit the ultimate-guitar seeking advice on electro-acoustic guitar. I end it up buying a wonderful Seagull Entourage. I enjoyed that entry level guitar that sounded much more expensive that it really was. Until recently, I never used the electronic in it. At my suprise, the pickup was not working at all. Last Friday, I brought it back to the store so they can repair it.

Yesterday, the music store manager informed me that my guitar needed to be shipped to seagull since it falls under warranty. The ETA would be 3 weeks. He automatically offers me an 100% refund on my guitar + case that I bought and that I can come back to store and pick a new guitar of my choice.

Thanks to ultimate-guitar community, I have come home today with a Larrivee LV-03E. Quite a step up for me. It sounds and looks incredible.

I will post some pic later today.


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