I was watching this video on youtube the other day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW1JveshnJg&feature=related

Paul talks about how he started learning to play fast by doing hammer ons and pull offs for all his scales. Then the alternate picking for it came later. He goes on to say thats how one should really learn it. Do you agree?

When playing through scales and such, I find I can play more on time and smoother with economic picking then hammerons (perhaps cause its a bit slower).

What do you guys/girls think?
Hammer-ons are a nice technique if you can master it but alternate picking sounds terrible to me on guitar, I'd prefer economy picking by far.
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Do whatever feels most economical to you. Whatever is smoothest and cleanest for you is what's going to work for you, develop your technique on it and be proud of yourself.

I like alternate picking because it's more comfortable to me, I'm sure many people will like economy picking better.
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My limited knowledge prevents me from knowing what Economy picking is, but i like alternate picking, because I know what it is, and it is what I always do. Unless I'm doing economy picking. Such confusion.

I think that you should learn how to alternate pick first and then learn hammer ons. Having a great left hand, or if your left handed than a right hand for you, is pointless without a great right hand to accompany it. Hammer ons give you a more fluid, legato (that is the word right?) sound, while alternate picking gives you a more defined sound. Both are good, I use both and it is all I need right now. I learn what I want and what I need when I need it. Otherwise I just forget it and have to re-learn it.
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Alternate picking is basically picking up and down constantly, regardless of what strings you are playing across. Economic picking, which I tend to do, didnt even realize it. Is when you do alternate picking, but you might start with down strokes every string. For instance when I pick the major scale.

(low E)v ^ (A) v ^ v (D) v ^ ^. Is my pattern when I go through the first 8 notes.

When it comes to soloing and such, I like using a combo of both. I find some hammer on stuff sounds amazing, while shredding hard does as well. Just not sure if one should do one technique before another. Walk before run kinda thing
Depends on what works for you the best, I started on alternate picking and was very happy with it until I read this article about economy picking and I took a solemn oath to always pick economically from now on and I have done so until this very day then I started tackling Legato (hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides) and I am gradually improving. So it all depends on what works for you and what stage you are at right now.



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