i need to learn some.
so.. what are your favorite to play?

im learning some megadeth ones now.. so advise me

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kalmah - evil in you
children of bodom - kissing the shadows
Death - voice of the soul, not really a solo i guess but its awesome.
Well im a classic rock fan so... My favorites would be whole lotta love, all right now, and we will rock you. Their all pretty easy but sound good. And id also recommend stairway to heaven...
back to back - hammerfall, pretty nice solo in there.
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mr crowley
for the love of god
tornado of souls
guitars suck
Second heartbeat or Bat country by Avenged Sevenfold
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sick solo? For The Love of God by Steve Vai

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Good god my favorite to play (though not difficult once you get the strange things going down that aren't just playing) is Your Time has come by Audioslave. Morello solos are always a blast.

After that there are countless PJ and RHCP solos I love to play, like californication solos from live shows I figured out. holy crap its beautiful.
Crazy Train is pretty easy. And considering you're learning megadeth Avenged Sevenfold shouldn't be too hard either. Their solos are awesome! Also try some metallica & some old GNR stuff.
"Still in Love with You" ( i think thats the name), by Thin Lizzy. Not really that fast wankeri, that solo. But it's beautiful.

Crazy Train
Mr Crowley
Hangar 18
Holy Wars
The Trooper solos.



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some of the faceless solos are simple and extreeeeemely fun
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under a glass moon by dream theater
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Not just solo's, but if you want to learn some more advanced songs, or atleast I'll say advanced, try these out.

Guthrie Govan- Sevens.
John Petrucci- Jaws Of Life.
Steve Vai- Theres A Fire In The House.
Greg Howe- Jump Start.
The "solos" in Manhattan by EJ, if you can call them that, hahaha. Well, you can.

And I do a nice hack rendition of Desert Rose as well - by hack I mean I can't play it nearly as fast as EJ... nowhere close...
I make my own solo's, even when covering.
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MASTER OF PUPPETS!!! not exactly hard or unique but its one of the reasons i started guitar so its very fun
Comfortably Numb

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Bark at the moon-ozzy
Peace sells-Megadeth
symphony of destruction-Megadeth
thats all so far crazy trains pretty easy and i know the trooper....
The new metallica ones are really good, Kirk has really outdone himself imo.
colorado bulldog by mr. big and only ash remain by necrophagist, i'm currently working on those
Kid charlemenge - steely dan
tiz epic
but if u want metal stuff
Paul Gilbert - Curse of Castle Dragon
Quote by caraluzzo
Not just solo's, but if you want to learn some more advanced songs, or atleast I'll say advanced, try these out.

Guthrie Govan- Sevens.
John Petrucci- Jaws Of Life.
Steve Vai- Theres A Fire In The House.
Greg Howe- Jump Start.

Indeed, much of the stuff those guys play is just insanely tough. I'm particularly fond of the Guthrie and Petrucci stuff, so I recommend giving pretty much anything those guys play a try.
i like to play the solo off of seed of filth from six feed under it starts off kinda fast then slows down then ends with a tapped solo. its pretty awsome and technical in my opinion
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List of Epic Solos:

Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Time - Pink Floyd
Shine on you Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

David Gilmour is the king of feel, I don't care what anybody else says haha.
Michael Angelo Batio - No Boundaries. That's sick and awesome.

Bark at the Moon and Harvester of Sorrow.
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Some of my favorites to play:
Eugene's Trick Bag - Steve Vai
Blitzkrieg - Yngwie Malmsteen
Far Beyond the Sun - Yngwie Malmsteen
An epic solo would probably be cementery gates or floods by pantera.
or if you want to go all out shred hangar 18 by megadeth......
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