What would be the best guitar for metal in the 700 dollar range?

I play lots of metallica and other metal.

I was looking at the LTD MH-400 and LTD KH-202.

A Schecter Hellraiser or Blackjack ATX, or a Jackson DK(MG, 2, or 2M doesn't matter), Jackson KE3, JAckson WRMG, or RR3.

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jackson randy rhoads rr3 pro series, great for metal
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Ibanez Xiphos?

I just got it, its a nice guitar. Needs some adjusting tho, so don't get it if your afraid of working with the mechanics of a guitar you own.
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Jackson Kelly Pro series is close to that price...might find one under if you're lucky...

Assuming you mean American dollars. (the one i got was 750 US i think, it cost me about 1200 AUD)
Ibanez Xiphos XPT700FX. Looks metal and sounds even more so. $600.

Make sure you've got a good amp, that's more important in terms of sound. What amp are you gonna be playing through?
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