hi everyone.
hope im in the right forum for this.
my epiphone LP100 has just had a service (about two weeks ago)
it has D'Addario regular lights on it (10s).
It is giving really bad frett buzz on the first fret of pretty much every string (particularly bad on the low E and A)
What can i do to stop this?

also, i play in a hardcore band, we tune in standard and drop d.
when im by myself i often tune in d standard.
could this be a reason for the buzz? am i tuning too low?
it may be that the action was screwed up in the servicing (don't know how that happened), and you may need to adjust it, or maybe you are playing too low
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The tuning shouldnt cause the fret buzz unless u have a floyd rose guitar. You should check the truss rod on your guitar to make sure its not bowed too much. If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talkin about, just look it up on Youtube.
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just got that fixed on my guitar, had to adjust the truss rod while also raising the tune-o-matic or w.e bridge you have on the LP
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I had the same problem... but if the above suggestions dont help, it might be because of the headstock bending forward too much... it happened to my LP basically because i left it lying down on the floor at band practice, and because of the angle of the neck and headstock, too much pressure is placed on the part where the headstock meets the neck... Pain in the ass. Also meant my fretboard started coming away from the neck... I really hope you dont have the same problems, and its just a case of tuss rod adjustment, but theres a suggestion as to what it could be if its not.

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It could be string gauge too. I have my Jackson tuned to D standard with a set of 10s on it and it does that. I think you might need a heavier gauge strings, but that's just my theory.
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DO NOT GET HEAVIER GUAGE STRINGS!!!! they are just going to be even closer to the fretboard, making the problem worse. the bigger the string, the closer to the fretboard. not an exact science, but fairly accurate. you need to raise your intonation by lifting your bridge. if the strings around the center of the fretboard are then too high, you need a truss rod adjustment. if you get the neck totally straight, and you are still having problems, try smaller fret wire (last resort). this is usually a basic problem, whoever did your setup just didn't do a great job (not a bad job though....theoretically you are a half turn away on an allen key from perfect)
I don't think string gauge is a problem, as gibsons/epiphones are made for 10s. Assuming there's nothing wrong with the neck (which their probably isn't), you just need to raise the tune-o-matic bridge. Grab some pliers and turn the little cogs counterclockwise until you stop hearing buzzing coming from the amp. Remember that it's okay to hear some fret buzz when playing unplugged; it's only a problem if you still hear it coming out of the amp. Also, try to raise both sides of the bridge somewhat evenly, so one side isn't too much higher than the other.

I adjusted the action on my SG a while ago, easy as pie.