I've been using GP 5.3 beta for the longest time on my mac (since I have OS X Leopard). Unfortunately, it has a couple problems; mainly random crashes and crashing when i attempt to resize the window. PM me if you have a non-beta version of Guitar Pro for Mac to discuss it.
Is it just me or do you just not resize the window if it crashes when you do?

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Basically what you do is get rid of your mac and buy a PC. That should fix your problems.

no, because then you'd have to deal with viruses, spyware, adware etc, or at least the risk off.
oh and you'd have to use windows, so mega bummer there

on topic, i find my version of gp5, the same as yours, crashes from too much successive c+p, there isnt really a fix, i've scoured the internet. i think Arobas made the Mac version too fast, its just a matter of remembering to save all the time.

hope that helps/makes you feel like you have a common problem
well, the mac version is alright. the problem was when they made the leopard version way too fast. I guess there is no solution yet, just waiting.

and thanks pal