Below is rough draft of the way I want to wire my new strat. It has 3 volumes and 3 tones, 2 of those are Push/Pulls, which split the humbuckers. Instead of a 5 way switch, it has 3 mini On/On switches, each control 1 pickup. I basically took 2 wiring diagrams from the SD website and combined them.

My questions are:
Did I wire anything wrong? (Im kindof a wiring noob)
Any suggestions on something I should add?
I want to put a clear pickguard on this, so I wouldnt shield the pickguard, would that create alot of noise?

The pink lines are capacitors
It's in SD wiring codes (except SD's bare wires are gray and SD's white ones are baby blue)
The circles inside the pots are where the grounds are soldered


EDIT: ^ Argh, nvm. That was an amazing game.

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