i have an epiphone SG and its a pretty decent guitar. my uncle always comes over with his DIME Washburn...not the Dean the Washburn. which is actually better? Say if they were both stock no upgrades
Look's wise, the SG, all dime styled guitar's are just horrid to be honest.

Playability wise, it really depends on the setup they came with/ have now, soundwise, well i'm not sure really, i dont know what pick ups they come with.

But i'm guessing the SG would suit far more styles of music that the washburn.
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thanks guys hes always braggin that hes got the dime. its not even the dean tho. if it was i wouldnt be writing this now lol
Is just everyones opinion. I wont get both of them either, not my type, as told ya, is matter of opinion.

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thanks guys hes always braggin that hes got the dime. its not even the dean tho. if it was i wouldnt be writing this now lol

I'd be bragging that I had the washburn over a dean.
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i thot the washburn was like the generic dean version since thats who dime went thru when he started. i like my SG better if i wanted a starfish id move to hawaii
Well, depends on what you mean by 'went through', and that's not exactly what he started with.. Anyways, I'll take a Dime Washburn over a Dean anyday, esspecially there USA models.
I've never seen a Washburn, or any guitar really, 'fall apart'. Have you played any nice Washburns?
just that ****ty dimebag dean. his switch broke his knobs are all fallin apart its just ****ty
As an owner of 2 Deans and a Washburn, I can tell you that both companies make good instruments.

However, I generally don't have a high opinion of any manufacturer's endorsed models- generally speaking, that endorsement adds $$ to the price that isn't reflected in the quality, and other instruments by the same makers can be found similarly equipped for less money.
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well it started by comparing an SG and a Washburn Dime. An epiphone sg. i think my sg is decent
An original Washburn Dime signature obliterates an Epi SG, as well as the majority of the ones that Dean churn out - you really don't know your guitars, do you?
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