I was looking for a second guitar to use as a backup and just to have as a second guitar and I noticed I really liked the Ibanez RG350DX. I was planning on buying an HSS strat but I realized that I really want a Floyd Rose or something similar to a Floyd Rose to do some divebombing on. Therefore, I decided I am leaning towards the Ibanez, but still want to test both out.

Anyway, I WILL NOT be using the Ibanez for metal. I will be my backup and I will use it for playing punk.

Will this guitar's sound be good enough for punk? I will probably see when I test it out but it won't hurt to ask.
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whats your price range?
a edge III won't be very good for you if you plan on abusing it...
im pretty sure we could suggest you a better guitar if you want to be able to abuse the trem...
if you dont abuse the trem, then def....i have a 4ex1 (pretty much same guitar different paintjob) and i use it for reggae and van halen stuff, and works nice....a lot of range, and not as bassy as a les paul
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I love mine but im replacing the trem and later the pickups but I play classic rock/hairmetal on mine and it sounds fine for it.
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If you go on musiciansfriend.com, you'll see the Ibanez RGT42DX is on sale for the same price as the RG350DX, and it's a much better guitar (went from the usual 700 to 400). I'd jump right on it if I were you.
^I am not a big fan of the looks of the RGT42, I might just go with the RG350.

I won't be abusing this guitar much, I probably won't be using it much at all.

I will go with this one.
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I know Dr. Know used a Shecter with a Floyd Rose on it, so I'd look into some of those. Mike Clark (Suicidal Tendencies) used a Jackson Dinky for a while with a Floyd Rose.
I had an RG350DX for a little over a year. Didn't really use the trem much though so I sold it and got an RG321MH. Either way, the 350 will cover a pretty good range of sounds.
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If you want something with a functioning floating trem i'd have to advise you to stay away from any low end RG with an edge 3....

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