Im just looking for anyone's opinion on the above mentioned replacement necks i want to get a real fender neck but they seem way too overpriced on ebay any help anyone could give me would be appreciated.
Get one from LP Addict
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Actually, do get one from LP Addict, he's in my sig.

He'll snag you a discount on stuff from allparts.

Guitarfetish is crap in my experience.
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Guitar fetish ones are junk, and they are machined to be smaller so you will have gaps in your neck pocket.

allparts is higher quality than mighty mite, allparts are made in japan, mighty mite is korea, however both are fender licensed and fender doesnt give that out easily. If you order a neck through all parts (TONS of options) i will give you 35% off if you order through me.
does anyone know if all parts sells the neck for a telecaster 72 deluxe?
^^ Agreed. Another option is Musikraft ... similar in quality to the AllParts and way better than the Mighty Mite. The 2 MM necks I had were not drop in perfect on Fender bodies (a PBass and a Tele). The MK and AP have been flawless.

I've never had a problem with fit on mighty might necks - I've got 2, one in my strat, and one on a Tele I'm putting together, both fit beautifully - they are tight, but not so tight that you can't get them in and out of the pocket.

The V profile Mighty Might on my strat is a beautiful neck.
mighty mite is supposed to have like the best replacement fender parts of something, but if LP says All Parts is better go with him, plus 35% off
Even with 35% off the "same" neck from allparts, it's still a lot more money than the mighty mite neck I bought - $110 for Allparts Compared to $75 for Mighty Mite - I'd be interested to know if they are really worth almost 50% more.
I've got a Mighty Mite maple strat neck with a floyd rose nut. It's alright and probably good if you want a C shaped neck, but I wanted a flat radius fretboard and so it's not ideal for me.
I, rather stupidly, bought a neck from Stewmac last christmas and I like it. Generally pretty nice, frets are level and smooth. Oh, and that's a Mighty Mite.
There is a guitar here in Virginia that a guy built himself w/ all mighty mite parts. Its a strat copy, beautiful guitar btw. The neck is fantastic, so are the pickups. I've played the american strats and they are very nice also but for my style I liked this one more. I like a guitar that can just do like mostly metal or classic hard rock and that mighty mite guitar was freaking amazing. The guitar is being sold for $499 here, u can call that guy if u wanted to buy a whole new strat guitar. Just look up Axis Music in Farmville, VA. Guy will prolly drop the price to like 450
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