I want to start playing bass (been playing guitar for over a year now) but I don't really know a whole lot about bass. When I try to use my fingers instead of a pick, they curl up like a claw, and it's like digging into the strings. How can I train my fingers to play with proper technique?
just relax them. make ur fingers limp kinda and drag them across the strings. just practice with a walking finger technique
work with a pick for a lil bit then work on rly slow riffs with ur fingers
how got used to using fingers instead of a pick
Put your thumb flat/in front of the pickup and rest your arm on the bass if comfortable. That should kinda "force" your fingers to be straight in order to reach the strings. Angle your arm such that your index and middle finger tips touch the strings at roughly the same points proportional to your fingers. Alternate fingers "pushing up" instead of spanking the strings.

And please, PLEASE ignore all those "do whatever you want man!" responses - they aren't helpful. You'll play poorly, take long to learn, and learn horrible habits. Trust me, you'll be much happier knowing how to play properly than doing things "how you want".
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You can skip to about 2:10 for the real start of anything important (imo) for what i think you meant you needed to learn.

I clicked a link to this vid a few weeks ago on some post here on UG seemed to help quite a bit.
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I find the best way to easily fall into proper technique is to completely relax your hand and then drop the thumb onto the pickup. After that, just roll your fingers over the string. I find the biggest problem with beginner bassists and right hand technique is that they take the term "finger plucking" literally. You're not really "plucking" the strings, which I think is your issue. You more want to roll your finger over the string.
1.) Work initially on taking your index, middle, and ring finger and running them over one string in time with one another, one string at a time. Rest your thumb on either a pickup or a thumb rest, depending on what your bass has.

2.) You'll want to build up accuracy with your fingers in the following rotation:
I-M-R-I-M-R-....etc like that until you can play a run of sixteenth notes evenly. Practice with a metronome on one string first at about 100 bpm, and do eighth notes until you get comfortable. Then gradually increase the tempo on one string until you can get the notes accurate and even with all your fingers. After that, drop the tempo down about 50-60 bpm and work on the changing strings with your 3 fingers while still holding down a steady rhythm. Once you get that down start playing full major and minor scales with while still keeping your pattern steady and even.

3.) ????

4.) Profit!!!