i just rediscovered my first guitar that i got about 10 years ago and i never really payed attention to the brand name. On the headstock it says "Kent Studio Series" and its basically a strat copy with a few minor differences, none worth really mentioning. I cant really find any information on the guitar. The guitar looks really old and its a bit beat up, and it was that way when i got it too. anyone know anything about this guitar?
scumbag1792, the guitar that you found is the exact guitar i have, but mine is in red. though the link doesn't really say much about the company.
I googled it and came up with this:

"Kent is a subproduct of some apparently large japanese guitar company. Imported to america late 60's to mid 70's. Kent's are all mainly hand crafted and play well. I own one myself as a rebuilding project. Kent called it quits in japan in the early 80's."

I got a few other hits that pretty much said the same thing.