I have 2 Ibanez RG's. I use them pretty often and I haven't cleaned them so now they're really dirty, theres like this white wax buildup or something on them. I tried Dr. Stringfellow, but it seems like if it just spread it out.
I tried scrubbing with a toothbrush, that didn't work either.
Is there anyway to get rid of it, especially in the little crevices?
Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance
Okay I use Dr. Stringfellow too...

My maple fretboard on my Strat is really dirty - lots of grime build up.

You should remove the strings though, and I think you can get an actual good polish at a store. Just put some on a cloth and give it a little elbow grease. I'm sure it will come off.

Alternatively, and I mean it, you could scrap all the gunk around the frets off with a pick, but that's a painstakingly long process.
fretboard conditioner or lemon oil....i use the conditioner on 3 jacksons and an ibanez acoustic, but apparently a lot of people on UG use the lemon oil. Anyone know what brand works well....running low on the conditioner myself and might try the oil. oh, and i use fender's conditioner
Yeah, no lemon oil on maple fretboards

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You need some steel wool to get the gunk off the fretboard. Super fine #0000.
If your boards are rosewood or ebony, don't use it on maple.
After degunking the fretboard apply a small amount of lemon oil to the rosewood board and let it soak it in before wiping it clean.
Use the steel wool to polish the frets too.
Thanks guys I guess I'll keep using Lemon Oil and I'll try some steel wool.
Do I polish with the steel wool after or before applying the Lemon oil?
Very lightly, run the steel wool over the fretboard and frets till the gunk is gone and the frets shine.
Apply the oil to the board after you've fully cleaned it, letting it soak in for a while, then wipe clean and restring.