Why do you need to know?
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...In other words, I'm taking a giant dump on fender owners who use pods.
i just listened to it. it sounds pretty good! i love the octane short sample. that solo is just as good if not better than most of the solos from Kirk on Death Magnetic. Atleast you don't wah the whole time. And I like how the main riff had a nice palm-mute delay. It was nucking futz!
Wow amazing playing!!
Aliadiere - sadly has more syllables than goals this season."
Setanta commentator during Newcastle-Middlesbrough. .
Lets here something different.

Can you play another style of music?


Just scrolled down to the smooth jass bit.

I like what I hear overall. But you seam to be a bit more comfortable with the more frantic metal bits. Is that true?
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