Sorry I forgot to post this a couple days ago, my bad . Just posted some of my favorite songs. There's nothing really kvlt, but I like all of the songs on here and I can justify choosing each one.

Here's what 8tracks said:
Eight tracks of avant-garde, black metal, thrash, and heavy metal, including music by Artillery, Legacy of Blood, Morbid Saint, and Sigh


Windir - Todeswalzer
Benedictum - Seasons of Tragedy
Sigh - Corpsecry - Angelfall
Morbid Saint - Scars
Shrapnel - Intellectual Pursuit
Legacy of Blood - The Fall
Heathen - Heathen's Song
Artillery - Back in the Trash

FEB 06 Mudvayne_4_Life
FEB 13 Psychopathology
FEB 19 VampireGoldfish
FEB 26 Scourge441
MAR 5 duncang
MAR 12 MHDrunk
MAR 19 MetalMessiah665
MAR 26 Ramseus
APR 2 webbtje
APR 9 destroy_techno
For anyone else who wants to sign up PM whoever's in charge I guess...
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Woah! I get to do the radio on my birthday!
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Woah! I get to do the radio on my birthday!


I updated the list based on the order of people who posted in the last topic. Sorry if I messed something up
Can I has the 26th of March plz. kthxbai

I'll listen to this later, I have to go into uni now.
Can't listen to this right now, but looks like a killer list, especially Windir, Morbid Saint, Heathen and Artillery
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Haha, thanks for the comments

It's not my list, I think it was organized by Snyper (not sure though), but I'll put you guys in. Anyone after can ask whoever the official person is :P
Well done, this is a cool playlist you made.
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The music winners listen to
Mudvayne_4_Life isnt doing the next one, someone can take it
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I'll grab the one for today, It'll be up later on tonight.
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