New song "Judgement Day" is out. I can't really judge the song, because it has clean vocals, King Diamond falcettos, exhales, and even inhale growls, so I guess the genre is up to you.

We just like our music heavy!

Our lineup has changed alot over the past year (apart from myself), so the older song (Winds of Apprehension) is a song that sounds much different than the current one.

Honrs up from the Middle East, beleive it or not, us Arabs can start a moshpit just as good as most of you!

Take care,

Your band name is a Death song
do you like Death?
But anyways, you remind me alot of As the Palaces Burn Lamb of God
Keep up the sick work
(='.'=) This is Bunny.
(")_(") ExtremeMetalFTW donated these ears
Notice something wrong? Yea, me too
| |
[ ]
I LOVE DEATH! They're my favorite band!

We just released a new song and a cover of EMPTY WORDS for Chuck Schuldiner RIP

Have a listen!
I just listened to your cover of Empty Words. Excellent! I'm listening to Judgement day now. Super sweet. My band does a cover of Crystal Mountain live just for Chuck. Good stuff, man.