Holy **** nice, **** Deaf Eddie then, lol, hey but do I need Duncans for it though? I assume not
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Holy **** nice, **** Deaf Eddie then, lol, hey but do I need Duncans for it though? I assume not

You don't need Duncans, but you do need to make sure you get the colour coding right on whatever pickups you use, they aren't all the same as Seymour Duncan.
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Yeah, you can always check at Seymour Duncan here. It's like the Holy Grail of wiring diagrams. That link takes you to the directory of diagrams. I freaked when I found it.
If you haven't done any coil splitting, series/parallel, etc, you might want to do something simpler than the jimmy page mod at first.
The "Jimmy Page" mod was put on his guitars well after Zeppelin stopped recording, and to me it's a mess of wires that kills your tone and doesn't add very many usable ones.
A more reasonable push/pull mod IMO is to put the neck pickup coils in parallel. Learning how to alter your tone with the volume/tone knobs and your picking technique will get you a lot farther than that mess of a Jimmy Page mod. I'm convinced nobody would ever do it if it weren't associated with Pagey.
Well for starters i'm not doing the rewiring. Alex, the guitar tech at Guitar Center will be doing it. Second, as it is, i'm doing this on an Epiphone Dot, which is a replica of the Gibson ES-335, so its already a challenge. Lol, honestly man, I just want coil-tap and phase shift. I heard about the Jimmy Page one, figured, "why not?".

And yeah I read the Jimmy Page COM or w/e its called. I don't want the wiring cuz its Jimmy, or cuz of Zeppelin. I just wanted it cuz it has everything i wanted.

And yeah i've seen forums where people basically talk about how its just an impossible mission to do. What exactly do you mean by kills your tone?