So I know there's no right or wrong.. wah before distortion/distortion before wah ...tomato/tomato if you know what I mean.... But, If you can't tell I'm putting toghter a pedal board. Below is what I thank would make for the best "generic" layout or the pedals ... or one that would be good for everyone, even if they skip a few of the pedals. Basicly I want to know If you would change anything with good reason. Think of it this way, if you had every pedal on at the same time, and set to about 25% intensity, what order would you put them in so regardless or what brand pedals you have, something decent come out the other end?

1. Tuner (Strobe)
2. Tuner (Needle)

3. Loop Switcher 1 (In front of amp)

3. Compressor
4. Enhancer/Exciter
5. Whammy
6. Octave Generator
7. Metal Distortion
8. Fuzz
9. Light Distortion
10. Overdrive
11. Equalizer

12. Noise Supressor


13. Loop Switcher 2 (In amp loop)

14. Wah
15. Wah 2
16. Envelope Filter
17. Uni-Vibe
18. Chorus/Flange
19. Phaser
20. Volume
21. Vibrato/Tremolo
22. Digital Delay
23. Analog Delay
24. Digital Reverb
25. Boost


26. Loop Station
Not at all.
Time Effects through loop

Do not put a compressor before OD pedals, it will not allow them to clean up with the guitar volume, put the lowest amount of gain first, I would put the boost earlier than most other stuff but it can go in several places, I would put reverb last. I don't have any experience with pitch shifters and the EQ can go in a few places, just whatever you prefer, same with the fuzz, but put it before compression and time effects.
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There is absolutely zero reason to have two tuners.

There is absolutely zero reason to have a volume pedal and a clean boost in the same general location.

Reverse the order of 7-10.

A lot of compressors need to be in front of the distortion to operate properly; the Keeley compressor being the one exception I can think of.

Both Uni-vibe, Vibrato and Tremolo effects can frequently be placed near the front of the chain.

Vibrato and Tremolo are two different effects. Vibrato is a change in pitch. Tremolo is a change in volume. These are frequently confused, even by pedal designers.

Delay is usually ordered from shortest first to longest last, so this would probably mean reversing the analog and digital delay order since analog has a shorter potential delay time.

Traditionally, Chorus/Flange/Phasing are all produced by using a delay time that is too fast to be discerned by the human ear. Chorus is slightly longer than Flange/Phase, so it should go after them.

Here is a general explanation:

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