Alright, so I am having a lot of trouble finding a guitar that suits my needs and is quality.
I have been looking at the STANDARD TELECASTER, i love the look and the simplicity, and how it's pretty versatile genre wise. That's about 6-700 dollars and that my perfect price range, but i have been reading really negative reviews about them.
so maybe it's not the best guitar, can you help me find one that similar and suits me.

I'll be playing rock/jazz with it, i need somthing good for slight distortion but really pretty treble.
im at a loss.
Maybe a MIM Strat instead. Heaps of love for them here.
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teles are awesome. go with a tele

definitely. i have a tele and it's so amazing
+1 tele
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Where are you seeing these reviews?! you want treble and twang for jazz and rock, the tele is going to be your best friend...you know, the kind of friend that lets you touch it all over and then keeps it's mouth shut...
Highway One?

I love the Highway One Strats, so much i bought one.
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yeah but that out of the proce range

Not used, you can grab a Highway one for less than $700 easy, they're only $750 new.

I Second the Highway One Strat (or tele)
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tele = twang. Amazing guitars. I'd get one if I didn't have my heart set on a Jaguar/Jazzmaster.