Okay, so I'm mostly playing Metal/Rock (like Metallica, little Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, stuff like that), and I was just wondering which effects should I be buying. I know Wah and Delay, but is there anything else. Also, is the Dunlop Cry-Baby Wah a good one to buy? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Just because Metallica, sabbath and whatever are shoved in the same genre, doesn't mean they use the same effects, even in the slightest. You need to be alot more specific before posting threads.
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...In other words, I'm taking a giant dump on fender owners who use pods.
You should buy a distortion or a overdrive pedal.

But we don't know what your amp is.
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Don't get a Dunlop Wah unless you get the Slash one, the expensive rack one or the 535Q. They're still mediocre except the rack one which I love but I don't want to spend 700 on a wah. The other stuff depends on your amp.
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